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Community Action Opportunities’ mission is, “ We help people who live on limited resources transform their lives.” Here, in Success Stories, we want to share customer empowerment stories to demonstrate the impact of the agency, inspire others to be change agents in their lives and community, and most importantly, celebrate the accomplishments of individuals and families willing to share their narrative.


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Ignore the following text. It’s just taken from the Head Start page.

The Head Start program gets children on the path to success by supporting the child’s mental, social, emotional and physical growth. We also support parents as they play a role in their child’s healthy development. Head Start is a comprehensive child and family development program serving families who live on limited incomes and have children ages 3-5 years old.

Family Service Associates are the first point of contact for a family entering our program. As they build relationships with parents, we work together for the best possible program for each child. We respect parents as their children’s first and best teachers. Our enrollment process includes an opportunity for families to give feedback about what is important to them. All families are unique and we respect their culture and individuality.


CAO Staff Reflections

Head Start collaborates with families to ensure each child visits their health care provider and is getting age-appropriate preventive and primary health care that includes medical, dental and mental health. Within 45 calendar days of the child’s entry into the program, staff will perform or obtain linguistically and age appropriate developmental, sensory and behavioral screenings of motor, language, social, cognitive, perceptual and emotional skills. All children in Head Start receive a nutritional assessment from a registered dietician.

The Head Start program assists parents in becoming their children’s advocate as they transition into Head Start and then on to elementary school or child care. Parents are provided with information, applications and support in applying for an appropriate school. The program provides activities and information to parents at the end of the school year which will document the progress children have made during the program year.


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