Results Oriented Management and Accountability

Outcomes of Community Action Opportunities

Results Oriented Management and Accountability, (ROMA) is a management approach that builds accountable results into the Agency’s daily operations. ROMA provides us with a process and tools that allow us to measure and evaluate the effectiveness of our programs and make improvements in our capacity and performance. ROMA also provides the national network of Community Action Agencies with a framework of goals to implement the Government Performance Results Act of 1993. Under this Act, all recipients of federally funded programs must be able to measure and report on changes within the agency and in the families and communities that they serve. Click here to learn more about ROMA:

Family/Individual Outcomes

(1) Children and their families succeed in school and life.
(2) Families are self-sufficient.


  • Children reach developmental levels that make them ready for kindergarten.
  • Adults earn incomes that allow them to support their families and meet personal goals.

Agency Outcomes

(1) Organizational infrastructures and systems are efficient, cost-effective, fact-based and customer-service oriented.


  • Team-based training and procedures teach staff to use systems.
  • Automated information systems are reliable, accessible and user-friendly.
  • Systems build the Agency’s capacity to serve others.

Community Outcomes

(1) Community opportunities exist that allow all people to earn and maintain security.
(2) People who live on low income have a stake in their community.


  • Families that live on low income participate in community policy and decision-making functions and activities.
  • The community has educational, employment and affordable housing options sufficient to meet demand.