Community and Procurement Complaint Resolution Procedure


Community Action Opportunities encourages its customers, other citizens, vendors with procurement grievances, etc. to express their concerns at any time. Complainants may send written and signed complaints to:

Community Action Opportunities
Department Head (concerned) or Executive Director
25 Gaston Street
Asheville, NC 28801

The Executive Director shall designate an appropriate, responsible agency staff member as the Primary Staff Member in the case. Depending upon its type, the Executive Director may designate supervisors, program managers or senior staff to serve in this role.

The Primary Staff Member shall promptly respond to the complainant with a written acknowledgment and describe the steps and time necessary to investigate the complaint, determine its substance and resolve the concern.

The Primary Staff Member shall solicit suggestions to resolve the concern and recommend the corrective action, if any.

Depending upon its nature, if appropriate, the Primary Staff Member shall inform the Board, and in matters relating to Head Start, the Policy Council, and in matters relating to procurement, the relevant Awarding Agency, about the complaint as soon as practically possible. If timely, the Primary Staff Member shall also request input about corrective action from the respective governing bodies and Awarding Agency, if appropriate.

The Primary Staff Member shall inform the complainant of the resolution and/or corrective action plan, as appropriate.

The Primary Staff Member shall work with other agency staff to incorporate relevant corrective actions into subsequent annual work plans, Head Start Plans and Procedures, procurement practices and activities, etc. and report outcomes to the Agency’s governing body and/or Policy Council and/or relevant Awarding Agency.


Revised November 2011
Original 2006