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Leadership Team

Community Action Opportunities's Leadership Team is composed of administration staff, program managers and supervisors to provide an agency-wide approach to solving problems and developing procedures. The team communicates the decisions to all staff and monitors implementation.

The Community Action Opportunities Leadership Team has developed Organizational Principles for the agency that are the basis for how we work together. The principles of Communication, Teamwork, Quality and Respect define our standards for behavior, communication and problem-solving with each other, within the agency, with program participants, and people in the community whether it is a client or service partner.

While these principles define our standards for behavior, they do not exist alone but support other organizational systems that provide avenues for us to continually improve our work.

Leadership Team Members:


Vicki Heidinger, Executive Director
Darren Waugh, Finance Director
Linda Gamble, Human Resources Manager
Bob Gregory, Information Technology Director
Dennis Ponder, Facility & Fleet Manager
Joyce Smith, Executive Assistant

Children, Family & Community Partnership Department

Brian Repass, Director
Mary Summers, Program Operations Manager
Vacant, Early Childhood Program Manager
Leslie Hennessee, Family & Community Partnership Program Manager
Vickie Baldwin, Health Services Program Manager
Trish Ann Ward, Registered Dietician
Terry Bowers, Early Childhood Education Supervisor
Lorraine Riddle, Early Childhood Education Supervisor
Monica McLeod, Early Childhood Education Supervisor
Shawn Wolff, Early Childhood Education Supervisor
Marcia Bacoate, Lead Family Service Associate
Michelle Bevans, Lead Family Service Associate

Economic Development Department

Carey Gibson, Director
LeElaine Comer, Self-Sufficiency Program Manager
Paloma Cor, Lead Life Coach
Jack Heuer, Energy Services Technician III


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