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Values, Mission & Vision

We use four principles: Teamwork, Communication, Quality, and Respect, to guide our plans, decisions, and activities.

  • TEAMWORK is a dynamic process that requires all members to participate responsibly, focus on tasks, solve problems, and produce outcomes that the team accepts and supports.
  • COMMUNICATION is a dynamic process that requires us to demonstrate a spirit of openness as we listen responsibly and share relevant information in a timely and accurate manner, so we can plan, solve problems, and meet the organization's needs.
  • QUALITY means that we are professional and accountable, exceed standards, provide excellent service, and strive to satisfy customers.
  • RESPECT for others and ourselves means that we understand and honor boundaries, value diversity, communicate in a direct and non-judgmental fashion, are honest, thoughtful, empathetic and demonstrate support and appreciation.

We help people who live on limited incomes transform their lives. Our dedicated, diverse and exceptional staff and leadership:

  • deliver comprehensive and innovative, high quality services,
  • build and support strong partnerships, and
  • mobilize community action to create positive change.

We are a customer-focused, results-oriented organization, recognized as a catalyst of positive change for individuals, families and the community we serve.



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